Posted by Shelly on 5th Aug 2020

What should a mild adventure junkie blog about?

We started this business because we wanted to share our travel adventures.  Within each adventure we learn something.  Whether it is something that worked for us, something we could have done better and more.  So join us on our blog as we share our knowledge. 

Well. we have just returned from an epic 6 national park trip!  Almost 6000 miles on the truck.  Where did we go?

Rocky Mountain National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Arches National Park 

Mesa Verde National Park

Today's blog will focus on the prep work we did before the trip.

We had to outfit our truck and our travel companions truck ( a trip is always more fun with friends- first Tusk Outfitters tip).  We custom made some awesome racks for the truck beds.  The racks were needed to hold the extra gas cans.  We learned from a previous trip that driving through Kansas and other Midwest states that gas stations can be hard to find.  Once we figured out how we wanted the gas cans mounted.  We thought it would be awesome to add hooks to hang hammocks.  But the bed wasn't quite big enough for traditional hammocks to hang.  So we found a sturdy cargo net.  And wow, does that make an awesome hammock to hang in a watch the stars!  

Once the racks were finished we were still concerned about our gear getting wet if it rains.  And with three week trip planned, you know it is going to rain at some point.  We found Husky and Dewalt boxes at Home Depot that had wheels and handles.  These would keep our gear dry and protect it from the elements.  Plus we could easily wheel them out and bring them into a hotel or our camping cabins without getting a hernia.  We picked up two big ones (Dewalt) and two smaller (Husky).  The smaller Husky boxes were utilized for lunch foods and kitchen tote.

Since it was such a long trip, we only packed clothes for 5-6 days, doing laundry as needed.  Sturdy duffel bags made the packing easy, we found the 60liter duffel from REI to be perfect.  Unknowingly, I purchased the same color as my grown son and he was only slightly mortified to be twinning with his mom.  Duffels can be hard to keep clothes wrinkle free and organized.  So we used packing cubes in our bags.  This solved many arguments between parent and child...finding clean socks and underwear was easy.  Seriously for any packing...packing cubes will be a life saver.

We planned on lunches on the road with limited sources of food due to COVID.  So in our lunch tote we had bread, peanut butter and jelly.  And we took a good quality cooler, our small pelican.

We had reservations at camping cabins, one room shelters with a set of double bunks with no power and no water.  We had to bring pillows, bedding, camp chairs, shower stuff, towels, coffee pot (propane) and cooking apparatus.

Check for our next blog about our first stop, Rocky Mountain National Park